Netflix TV Shows Review – netTVwatch – came about as an effort to provide a missing resource; a website devoted to reviews of foreign TV series available for instant viewing on Netflix. After writing a couple of foreign TV show reviews that received many views on another site, it made sense to start a blog on this topic. While there are lots of movie review sites, it is much harder to find streaming TV show reviews all together, in one place. Foreign TV series, in particular, offer a wealth of entertainment for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, AcornTV and other web TV subscribers. Many of these shows are of higher quality and more realistic than the average show on the U.S. television networks.

While every attempt is made to be as accurate as possible, availability for instant streaming varies from country to country and often changes as contracts expire and are renegotiated – or not. There may be times when you find that a show we have reviewed is not available.

In case it’s not clear, this site is not affiliated with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or Acorn TV in any way. It is a completely independent and unofficial source of information.

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