Unfortunately advertised as an Irish soap opera, the Red Rock TV show is a fast-paced, sometimes tense, drama focused on a garda (police) station and two rival families. Though there are some soap elements, that description does not do the show justice. Red Rock is a highly entertaining series, and while it’s not among the best foreign TV shows online in terms of production, suspense or drama, you won’t feel guilty about watching it either.

The show takes place in a fictional Irish seaside city. It starts with a dead body, like many police procedurals, and we quickly learn there is a Romeo and Juliet situation among two families with longstanding conflicts. Before long, we have met the small, local police staff, and all of the main players are in place.

red rock tv series review

The Keily family on Red Rock

The Red Rock series has an ensemble cast; there is no star to the show, and the focus shifts between the two main storylines. Each of the families has a manipulative, domineering mother – many of the main players in Red Rocks are women. Given the soap tendencies, there is conflict within both the garda station and individual families.

There is rarely a dull moment in this TV series. Things seem to move quickly without feeling rushed, but there is not a lot of actual dramatic change from episode to episode.

red rock hennessy

The Hennessy family on Red Rock

Red Rock has a solid cast along with good writing and production that will have you clicking the play button as soon as Amazon loads the next episode. Speaking of which, the Red Rock TV show is a seemingly endless stream of episodes. The production contracted with TV3 in Ireland for 40 weeks per year, two episodes per week. Each episode is only 20 minutes, so they do fly by fast. It’s easy to watch 3 or 4 in a row, but you may get tired of the repetition if you go for full tilt binge watching.

Whether you call it a crime drama or a far-better-than-average soap opera, you can watch all 80 episodes of Red Rock season 1 on Amazon Prime.