Don’t Miss ‘The Disappearance’ TV Series on AcornTV

Posted on Aug 18, 2016 in Acorn TV, Foreign TV, French TV | 0 comments

the disappearance tv series title

If you have any important plans or things to do this weekend, don’t start watching The Disappearance TV series. It’s an addictive, binge-worthy, French mystery that is among the top TV shows available on AcornTV. That being said, if you have a teenage daughter and are a nervous parent, find another show to watch!

The title gives you an idea of what’s in store. The Disappearance opens with scenes of Lea, on the eve of her 17th birthday, getting ready for a night out with friends. We already know it’s a prelude to her disappearance. What happens to her and, of course, “whodunit” is what we are waiting to find out.

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Ireland’s New Crime Drama: ‘Clean Break’ TV Series Review

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Clean Break TV series review

The Clean Break TV series is a gem of a crime drama we found on AcornTV. It’s a mini-series with suspense, scenery, solid acting and a good plot. Set in Ireland, Clean Break follows several small time operators all hoping for a break or one last deal that will put them over the top.

Frank Malloy (Adam Fergus) is a used car dealer drowning in debt. His wife has left him, and his 17-year-old daughter does whatever she wants, whenever and with whoever. Local banker Desi Rane (Aidan McArdle) lets Frank know he has reached the end of the line. The bank is ready to reclaim Frank’s home, business, and property.

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Nordic Noir from Iceland: ‘The Lava Field’ TV Series

Posted on Jul 27, 2016 in Foreign TV, Netflix, Scandinavian TV | 16 comments

the lava field tv series netflix

The Lava Field TV series from Iceland, available on Netflix, is the latest in the increasingly popular Nordic Noir genre. It’s a somber thriller, often set in a bleak, but beautiful landscape, with murder, drug smuggling, biker gangs, and one very unhappy detective. Though there are a few cliches along the way, it’s a tense, gripping mini-series – four episodes long – that deserves a spot on your Netflix list.

The murder of a wealthy businessman occurs in The Lava Field’s opening scene. It’s poorly disguised to look like a suicide. Helgi Runarsson (Bjorn Hylnur Haraldsson) is sent to investigate with the cooperation of a more local police department – titles and agencies are never really made clear – and a brand new detective, Greta (Heida Reed), who is eager to prove herself.

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Track Down ‘Suspects’ TV Series on Acorn TV

Posted on Jul 25, 2016 in Acorn TV, Foreign TV | 2 comments

Suspects TV show review

Suspects is a fast-moving police procedural from British TV’s Channel 5. It has a rough-cut feel, almost documentary style, with hand held cameras and no attempt to make anything feel polished or scripted. In fact, much of the dialogue is improvised, based on detailed storylines are given to the cast. The result is, perhaps, the most realistic feeling cop series out there, network or streaming online.

There are three central characters: DI Martha Bellamy (Fay Ripley), DS Jack Weston (Damien Molony), and DC Charlie Steele (Clare Hope-Ashitey). Though Bellamy’s role is significant, much of the focus is on Weston and Steele. He is impulsive and quick to decide on a suspect’s guilt. Steele is younger, thorough and methodical; she always plays by the book. All the other police, except Bellamy, are essentially extras; rarely do they get a line of dialogue.

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‘Cromo,’ an Eco-Thriller TV Series on Netflix

Posted on Jul 16, 2016 in Foreign TV, Netflix | 0 comments

Cromo tv series review valentina emilia attias

Cromo is a suspenseful murder mystery from Argentina that also features environmental and human harm caused by corporate negligence as a central storyline. It is not getting much media attention or promotion from Netflix. That’s too bad, as it’s a worthy addition to the foreign TV series on Netflix, and one of the better TV shows we’ve seen from Latin America.

Like Occupied, the popular show from Norway, the Cromo TV series uses an ecological issue as the starting point for its story. Here, an unknown (at least, initially) source of water pollution is killing fish and causing other problems along the river near Corrientes, Argentina. The suspicious death of research biologist Valentina (Emilia Attias) prompts her husband Diego (Guillermo Pfening) and her close friend Simon (German Palacios) to begin investigating her death, though each also has to come to terms with her passing as they decide how far and deep they want go with their inquiries.

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‘Black Work’ TV Series on Acorn TV

Posted on Jul 15, 2016 in Acorn TV, Foreign TV | 0 comments

where to watch black work tv series

Acorn TV has become a good source for British TV shows – and a few other international series – that you cannot find other places. A case in point is Black Work, a tight, tense mini-series that quickly leads us into a murder investigation full of secrets, deception, cover-ups, and conspiracies. While it may not match some of the best foreign TV series on Netflix, it’s an entertaining show that will keep you glued to your TV for a few hours.

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