Strange and Beautiful, ‘The Kettering Incident’ TV Series

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The Kettering Incident TV series review

The Kettering Incident is a mishmash of a mystery. The Australian TV series, currently streaming on Amazon Prime, is loaded with supernatural elements and strange events. It’s a big budget production, set in a dramatic, lush landscape. As well made as the show is, it’s also intentionally hard to decipher. We were intrigued from the beginning and continued to watch, but some viewers may get frustrated after the first few episodes when it feels like questions are not being answered.

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Are You ‘Chasing Shadows’ on AcornTV?

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Chasing Shadows TV series review

The world of police procedurals and detective dramas on television is a crowded place. It’s challenging to stand out among all of the memorable – and not so memorable – characters and stories. The Chasing Shadows TV series from BBC, currently available on AcornTV, responds by going full tilt Rain Man with detective sergeant Sean Stone (Reece Shearsmith). He’s a brilliant loner who cannot connect with colleagues, suspects or witnesses, but finds patterns and clues in cases that no one else sees.

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Women in Charge: ‘Scott & Bailey’ and ‘Janet King’

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Scott and Bailey tv series cast

Scott & Bailey TV series on Hulu

Sally Wainwright’s credit as writer and co-creator of Scott & Bailey is reason enough to check out this British TV series on Hulu. Wainwright is creator of Happy Valley, one of the best foreign TV series on Netflix. With Scott & Bailey, she stays within the confines of the all-too-familiar buddy cop show, though this one is a step above standard network fare. And, it has a decidedly feminist perspective.

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Don’t Miss ‘The Disappearance’ TV Series on AcornTV

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the disappearance tv series title

If you have any important plans or things to do this weekend, don’t start watching The Disappearance TV series. It’s an addictive, binge-worthy, French mystery that is among the top TV shows available on AcornTV. That being said, if you have a teenage daughter and are a nervous parent, find another show to watch!

The title gives you an idea of what’s in store. The Disappearance opens with scenes of Lea, on the eve of her 17th birthday, getting ready for a night out with friends. We already know it’s a prelude to her disappearance. What happens to her and, of course, “whodunit” is what we are waiting to find out.

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Ireland’s New Crime Drama: ‘Clean Break’ TV Series Review

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Clean Break TV series review

The Clean Break TV series is a gem of a crime drama we found on AcornTV. It’s a mini-series with suspense, scenery, solid acting and a good plot. Set in Ireland, Clean Break follows several small time operators all hoping for a break or one last deal that will put them over the top.

Frank Malloy (Adam Fergus) is a used car dealer drowning in debt. His wife has left him, and his 17-year-old daughter does whatever she wants, whenever and with whoever. Local banker Desi Rane (Aidan McArdle) lets Frank know he has reached the end of the line. The bank is ready to reclaim Frank’s home, business, and property.

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Nordic Noir from Iceland: ‘The Lava Field’ TV Series

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the lava field tv series netflix

The Lava Field TV series from Iceland, available on Netflix, is the latest in the increasingly popular Nordic Noir genre. It’s a somber thriller, often set in a bleak, but beautiful landscape, with murder, drug smuggling, biker gangs, and one very unhappy detective. Though there are a few cliches along the way, it’s a tense, gripping mini-series – four episodes long – that deserves a spot on your Netflix list.

The murder of a wealthy businessman occurs in The Lava Field’s opening scene. It’s poorly disguised to look like a suicide. Helgi Runarsson (Bjorn Hylnur Haraldsson) is sent to investigate with the cooperation of a more local police department – titles and agencies are never really made clear – and a brand new detective, Greta (Heida Reed), who is eager to prove herself.

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