Australian Series ‘The Code’ is Back – on Acorn TV

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the code season 2 review on acorn tv

With the release of  The Code season 2, Acorn TV demonstrates they are a significant player in the world of online TV. If you remember, The Code season 1 showed up on Netflix in spring, 2015. It was a contemporary Australian series that mixed environmental politics, government conspiracies, and the unlikely, somewhat unwilling, investigative team of two brothers, Ned and Jesse, a journalist and a computer hacker.

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Taking on Amazon’s ‘Goliath’ TV Series

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billy bob thornton in Goliath TV series

With its Goliath TV series, the giant Amazon has produced another strong contender in the “original series” category. It’s a legal thriller starring Billy Bob Thornton as Billy Bob Thornton – I mean, Billy McBride – a washed out loner and lawyer with a crusty heart of gold and a fondness for whiskey. Sound original? No, it doesn’t, and there are absolutely no fresh ideas in Goliath. Despite this, you’ll find yourself clicking on the next episode as quickly as you turn the pages in a Scott Turow or John Grisham paperback.

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‘Capital,’ a Complex and Diverse TV Series on Acorn

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Capital TV series review

Capital is a multi-family drama with a mysterious edge. The story brings together a group of neighbors, united only by their location and a series of messages they all receive. The show – originally from BBC One and currently streaming on AcornTV – is a bit eerie to start with, but various dramas move to center stage as questions remain unanswered, and an investigation begins.

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Strange and Beautiful, ‘The Kettering Incident’ TV Series

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The Kettering Incident TV series review

The Kettering Incident is a mishmash of a mystery. The Australian TV series, currently streaming on Amazon Prime, is loaded with supernatural elements and strange events. It’s a big budget production, set in a dramatic, lush landscape. As well made as the show is, it’s also intentionally hard to decipher. We were intrigued from the beginning and continued to watch, but some viewers may get frustrated after the first few episodes when it feels like questions are not being answered.

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Are You ‘Chasing Shadows’ on AcornTV?

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Chasing Shadows TV series review

The world of police procedurals and detective dramas on television is a crowded place. It’s challenging to stand out among all of the memorable – and not so memorable – characters and stories. The Chasing Shadows TV series from BBC, currently available on AcornTV, responds by going full tilt Rain Man with detective sergeant Sean Stone (Reece Shearsmith). He’s a brilliant loner who cannot connect with colleagues, suspects or witnesses, but finds patterns and clues in cases that no one else sees.

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Women in Charge: ‘Scott & Bailey’ and ‘Janet King’

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Scott and Bailey tv series cast

Scott & Bailey TV series on Hulu

Sally Wainwright’s credit as writer and co-creator of Scott & Bailey is reason enough to check out this British TV series on Hulu. Wainwright is creator of Happy Valley, one of the best foreign TV series on Netflix. With Scott & Bailey, she stays within the confines of the all-too-familiar buddy cop show, though this one is a step above standard network fare. And, it has a decidedly feminist perspective.

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