If TV shows like Fringe and movies like Contagion creep you out, don’t watch Residue, the new series available for instant streaming on Netflix. From the beginning, this film noir style, sci-fi thriller presents us with conspiracy theories and inexplicable events with scenes reminiscent of both A Clockwork Orange and Blade Runner. If you like these types of shows, we recommend Residue for your Netflix TV shows list.

Residue is one of those stories where the camera reveals more than the eye initially sees. Photographer Jennifer (Natalia Tena) has been roaming the streets in the aftermath of a mysterious explosion in an unnamed urban center (the series was filmed in England). Her images of the city’s residents cause her to ask questions after a couple of mysterious deaths. Her boyfriend, Jonas, played by Iwan Rheon, (Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones – and, yes, it’s hard to get past what a creep he is in that series) works as a government spokesperson, helping to craft and distribute the false assurances we expect when there is a coverup.

residue tv series review netflix

Natalia Tena as Jennifer

To say much more beyond this would take the fun out of watching. The series is faced-paced, with artsy cinematography and a quirky set of secondary characters. Residue doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it does provide some drama and suspense.

Residue is only a three-episode series, distributed as a pilot in hopes of generating enough buzz that a complete TV series would be funded. Word is, that has happened, though it’s a shame a full set of episodes was not filmed initially. The end of the last episode advances the story faster than was needed in an attempt to provide some closure while leaving many questions unanswered. It may be an awkward transition back to a ten episode series, but it will be worth seeing how it works out.