Chelsea and Lola aren’t guilty, but they’re not innocent either. In Wanted, an Australian TV series with two seasons on Netflix, two women are on the run for a crime they didn’t commit. Though it’s not an original premise, the characters, dialogue, and story all make Wanted a lot of fun, even bingeable.

Circumstances leave these two women, Lola (Rebecca Gibney), brash and street smart, and Chelsea (Geraldine Hakewill), seemingly a goody two shoes, with a dead body, a stolen car, and a trunk full of cash. They – or a least Lola – quickly realize the police are not to be trusted; there was a crooked cop at the scene of the crime. Now, Chelsea and Lola are “wanted” as potential murderers.

Wanted season 1

wanted tv series review lola

Wanted TV series costar Rebecca Gibney as Lola 

Through the six episodes of Wanted season 1, they stay just one step, or maybe half a step, ahead of the cops and the crooks out to catch them. They’re also trying to figure out who these crooks are and what they’re really after. And while the police are convinced of Chelsea and Lola’s guilt, as is usually the case, there is one cop who thinks there is more to the story.

He’s right, in more ways than one. Chelsea’s past is fairly clear, but Lola obviously has secrets. As the show progresses, we find out more. The chase takes them to Lola’s home town and, bit by bit, her past is revealed. Her history adds more layers to Wanted, and complications that carry the series into season 2.

As with most buddy films, the dynamic between Chelsea and Lola is at least half the story. It’s also the source of much of Wanted’s humor as the two banter back and forth. Chelsea is not comfortable with this new life, though she’s better at it than she thinks. When not frustrated by Chelsea, Lola tutors and supports her.

Wanted season 2

Wanted TV series review on Netflix - Chelsea

Wanted TV series costar Geraldine Hakewill as Chelsea

In its second season, Wanted goes intercontinental. Chelsea and Lola travel to Thailand and New Zealand, attempting to bring an end to their troubles. The events are less probable, but it doesn’t really matter. If you are already on board for Wanted, you’ll enjoy season 2, even as it stretches a bit thin in the middle.

The roles reverse for the first couple of episodes. Lola is frazzled, so Chelsea keeps a cool head and plans their next steps. She comes into her own as a fugitive, but Lola also pulls herself together when it’s clear they need new strategies to deal with their main opponent.

As the story builds toward the last episode, it looks like a Butch Cassidy or Thelma and Louise type ending is in store. There is a sense of resolution at the end, but not everything is wrapped up. Wanted season 3 is set to air in Australia in 2018.

The Wanted TV series was created by Rebecca Gibney (yes, the actor who plays Lola) and Richard Bell. Season 1 premiered on Australia’s Seven Network early in 2016; season 2 followed in June, 2017. Throughout both seasons, the story moves at a quick pace. At 12 episodes total, about 45 minutes each, the series is over almost before you know it. We’re looking forward the next chapter of Wanted.

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