The Deep Water TV series is a four-episode police procedural from Australia. It’s on Acorn TV, which is releasing the show in weekly installments, making it unsuitable for binge watching unless you wait a few weeks. After watching the first episode, we can’t wait. It’s a murder mystery – perhaps the work of a serial killer –  with the right mix of tension, suspense, and interesting characters.

Detective Tori Lustigman, played by Yael Stone, is newly assigned to this particular unit and immediately called out to investigate a murder. Her partner Nick Manning (Noah Taylor), looks like he’s been around the block a few times. Tori (as her colleagues call her) is intuitive. When she thinks this case might be linked to others, her boss is dismissive and patronizing. But, we can guess who is right.

At least in the initial episode, we don’t learn much else about Tori. She has a son and knows some surfers, but there is no evidence of a husband, boyfriend, or any other back story. We assume more will be revealed. There was also a quick flash that may have been foreshadowing, a flashback, or a vision. It’s one of the little touches that has us intrigued about this TV show.

deep water tv series review

Lustigman and Manning

The Deep Water TV series is based on an actual series of murders – hate crimes – that took place near Sydney in the 1970s and ’80s. It was written by Kris Wyld and Kim Goldsworthy for Blackfella Films productions. It begin airing on Australia’s SBS network in early October 2016 and is another example of Acorn TV stepping up in the world of foreign TV series online. If Deep Water had been made a couple of years ago, it would probably have arrived in the US on Netflix.

Regardless of which online streaming service carries it, the Deep Water TV show is highly recommended.